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No 4 maintenance

Halonen Harp AcademyPosted by the Halonen best 2009-10-30 09:11AM
För att munspelen ska hålla längre kan det vara bra att rengöra dem. Skruva isär dem försiktigt. Lämplig skruvmejsel finns snart att köpa i 'Halonen shop' (som är under uppbyggnad på hemsidan). Tvätta plattorna försiktigt med vatten och diskmedel. Se till att inget hindrar "reedsen" att vibrera. En borste av högsta kvalité minimerar att borstens hår fastnar i "reedsen". Är plattorna helt utslitna och ur stämning kan de ersättas vilket kostar betydligt mindre än ett nytt munspel. Thomann säljer dessa, se link på hemsidan. Halonen föredrar ett gammalt Marine Band skal med tjockare plattor; 1,05 mm.

Se bloggens inlägg No 1 om hur man spelar in ett munspel. En längre inspelningsperiod ökar munspelets livsläng betydligt. Nya plattor ska också spelas in.

To make the harps last longer it's a good thing to clean them. Carefully unscrew the harps. Suitable screwdriver is soon available on 'Halonen shop' (under construction). Carefully clean the plates with water and washing-up liquid. Make sure that nothing stops the reds to vibrate. A high quality brush will minimize the risk for brush-hair to get caught in the reeds. If the plates are warned out and the pitch is off, they can be replaced which is cheaper than buying a new harp. Thomann sell these plates, see the link on the home page. Halonen prefer an old Marine-Band-shell with thicker plates; 1.05 mm.

See the blog No 1 about how to break-in a harp. A longer breaking -in period increases the lifespan of the harp. New plates should also be broken-in.

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No 3 bend

Halonen Harp AcademyPosted by the Halonen best 2008-05-22 07:09PM

To bend S4 you have to find the feel, work with it and you will find it. Remember! If you force a new harp with this it’s gonna break the tuning, so, with a brand new harp go slowly the first days. Check lesson No 1. Click the click for a sound sample.

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No 2

Halonen Harp AcademyPosted by the Halonen best 2008-05-14 07:27PM

Blog ImageI’m certain you have been breakin’ in your harp now, as described in session one. In the beginning it can be hard to hit just that one note at the time, then a trick is to cover the next holes with the fingers as shown in the small pictures. To play harp you have to find the feel to hit just the one tone at the time, work with it and you’ll find it. To communicate I use S as sucking in air through the harp and B for blowing through. On your harp there’s numbers, practise as the picture, that’s the E6 chord now played tone bay tone in the 2:nd position (E blues). Click the big picture and listen, jam, improvise and have fun!

Blog ImageBlog Image

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No 1

Halonen Harp AcademyPosted by the Halonen best 2008-02-11 01:24PM

As promised, here’s the Halonen harp academy! The picture shows my favourite harp model and I always stick to the A major tuning, normal tuning for blues harp. To restrict it to one tuning I don’t have to carry a bag full of harps and it forces me to discover different positions. Positions are what harp you using to keys, for blues the second position is the most common ( crossharp ). If you have an A harp and play a blues in the key of E you got the second position. That means that you can jam together with the sounds from Halonen Guitar Institute on this blog.

To save money this is important; it takes at least a month to wear in a harp. If you start bending tones at ones the tuning soon going to be lost and the harp is useless. When you blow tones it’s metal plates that vibrates and make the sounds, the metal needs to carefully be used to your playing technique so the first days it’s recommended that you blow and such carefully for 5 to 10 minutes a day, the slowly you work in your way of playing in the metal plates. The more carefully, if you can’t wait to be a “Sonnyboy” right away, I suggest that you buy two harps, one good one and one cheep to start blow hard with. To get the advantage of the sound clips on this course you need the harps to be in A and of “blues” model.Blog ImageMarine Band

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