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HistoryPosted by the Halonen best 2009-06-18 01:21PM
6volt möttes i veckan, se vidare: http://6volt.se/
6volt met this week, see further: http://6volt.se/

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HistoryPosted by the Halonen best 2007-11-12 07:16PM
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A poster that have been printed in 10 000 ex over 10 years, in the end all the marks in the face where warned out on the printing plates. Then the poster below where madeBlog Image

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HistoryPosted by the Halonen best 2007-10-25 12:44PM

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HistoryPosted by the Halonen best 2007-10-24 09:09AM
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An old press photo from the studio in Copenhagen, we used go directly from the regular job down town at Galathea kroen, four o’clock in the morning to get the pieces down while we where warmed up.

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HistoryPosted by the Halonen best 2007-10-21 09:38AM
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Halonen Band, the first trio we had in the late 80’s in Copenhagen. Rud Andersen on bass and on drums, can’t remember his name, but he took the photos, but he’s playing drums in the picture?…strange. The old ’66 Casino is now retired after 1000 jobs.

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HistoryPosted by the Halonen best 2007-10-17 10:52AM
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The fabulous four, from the left, Jan Rochat, Nibus (late),Tomas Olander, Leif Halonen. Nibus appears on the track: Don’t bring me down. Click the Hand album pictures in the blog below.

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Nic Hansen

HistoryPosted by the Halonen best 2007-10-16 10:54AM
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Nic Hansen is a rock’n’roll saxophone player and appears on the CD: HAND. Unique sound that you hardly find today, but he’s got it. As reference close enough can be a young and desperate Ben Webster, the jumpy jazz those early days where the platform to rhythm n blues. Check out the solo part in "Evaduda", thats something...

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HistoryPosted by the Halonen best 2007-10-15 11:15AM

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Don't have the phone number to the photo model on the inner sleeve...no use to try...

To get the CD, contact; info@halonen.be

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